A Basic Guide On Adding Mods To Your Staxel Server

Adding modes to the Staxel server on Nodecraft is not a hard thing! If you want to add some to your server, you just simply subscribe to the Staxel mods that you like in the Steam Workshop. After that, you have to launch the modmanager on Staxel game in single player, and finally, the changed files must be uploaded to the server. For more information about the server connection, you can find out how to connect Staxel server.

How to add mods to the Staxel Server

Subscribe to your preferred mods on the Steam Workshop

You have to browse the Steam workshop carefully, then choose your favorite mods. After that, simply click the subscribe button on every mod’s page.

Run the Mod Manager for Staxel

There is a Mod Manager provided by Staxel. This one will be operated to install mods. To start it, you have to open your Steam Library, click the right mouse on Staxel, and when the menu pops up, simply hit “Mod Manager Tool”.

NOTE: You can run the Mod Manager separate from the game. No need to launch Staxel game to begin the Mod Manager.

Mod Manager Tool For Staxel
Mod Manager Tool For Staxel

A window opens, showing all the mods that were subscribed by you in the Steam Workshop. You will see all the installed mods and some mods that still need to be installed. If it hasn’t done downloading subscribed mods, it will complete downloading those first prior to the appearance of the window. Now, you click “Yes” to start the mod installation process.

Showing All The Mods That Were Subscribed
Showing All The Mods That Were Subscribed

A smaller window pops up with a progress bar. Now you have to wait until the mods are done.

Window Pops Up With a Progress Bar
Window Pops Up With a Progress Bar

When it’s done, the mods will display as “installed”.

The Mods Will Display as "Installed"
The Mods Will Display as “Installed”

Now click the X in the upper right corner to close the Mod Manage window.

Search for the “Local Files” on your computer

When you completely installed all the mods, now it’s time for you to go find the local files on your own computer.

You can easily do this thing from inside Steam by simply clicking the right mouse on the Staxel game in the library. After that, you click “properties” shown at the bottom of the menu.

Right Click On The
Right Click On The “Properties”

A widow with some tabs across the top will pop up in front of you. Now, you hit the “local files” tab, and after that, hit on “Browse Local Files”.

Browse Local Files
Browse Local Files

You will see the place of the files for Staxel game on your computer

Place Of The Files For Staxel Game
Place Of The Files For Staxel Game

Now zip the whole “Content” folder

You compress the whole “Contents” folder into one file by using a zip client. Make sure to choose the entire folder “content” then carefully zip it, with all of the files inside.

Note: In several situations, you will have to zip the “bin” folder and upload it too. By doing so, all the mods can work perfectly.

The “Content” file has to be uploaded to your Staxel server

Remove the common content folder on your server, after that, you upload the zipped edition to your server.

This will be kind of big files, you are suggested to use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client to upload it. You can click [here] for basic instruction on FTP.

After it has done uploading, there are only two things left you will do, which are choosing the file and unzipping it in the root directory. Then, you have already done the mods on your Staxel server.

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