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Staxel IGG is a simple but interesting sandbox game where you should master development of a farm and the construction of a multifunctional town. Obviously, it is not a straightforward task when you are required to manage every aspect of your business including growing and watering plants, separating animals. Actually, each species will ask unique care.

Play Staxel game you can choose to enjoy your new life whilst doing work and evolving little by little. In case your journey is not enough, you are able to travel through dark dungeons in which you can involve in a creepy excavation. Although it looks dangerous, you can gather valuable resources. Further, the world that you have to get in Staxel PC Free Download is occupied by various beasts. Hence, it can influence you in several ways and the growth of events. You are advised to act up skillfully for your part and behave with dwellers with respect.

Details of Staxel game

Here is the list of everything related to Staxel For Free!

  • Title: Staxel
  • Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation
  • Developer: Plukit
  • Publisher: Humble Bundle
  • Release year: 2019
  • Steam link:
  • Release Name: Staxel.v1.4.28-GOG
  • Game Version: v1.4.28
  • Game Releaser: GOG
  • Size: 953 MB

Staxel Game

There are two major sections that players of Staxel PC can take a look.


It is a general portion that every game including Staxel game that developers will introduce to help you learn more about the story that you will participate in.

Staxel IGG revolves around a rare farming simulator which is mainly reserved for developing life in the village instead of the farm. Staxel is created from many elements at once. Join Staxel and you will be fastened to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, together with side quests, the role-playing component, communicating with the inhabitants, and building. These jobs will not let you have any spare time to get bored.

Within the Staxel Gameplay 2019, all are standard. Your storyline is started from the moment that your character will receive a house in a small town as an heir. Afterward, you head into that place and do work to set up another lifestyle. Unfortunately, your new home has been abandoned for years while you will be disturbed by neighbors often.

System Requirements to run Staxel game better

System Requirements will be the second entry that we hope you watch before you launch Staxel game! You check the full info in its specific post, comprising minimum and recommended pieces.

Screenshots from Staxel game

Here are typical images which were taken by participants in Staxel Free Download!

Video trailer of Staxel PC Free Download

To dig deeper into Staxel game before you embark on, you can test the clip below.

Some short tutorials for people in Staxel game

They are useful guides for anybody who loves Staxel IGG, specifically for those who will download Staxel v1.4.28!

  • Firstly, please download the installation files of Staxel For Free!
  • Then, remember to open the folder and unleash the file called «setup.exe» !
  • When it is being installed, you can set out the location on the disk at the spot that you will choose to install it.
  • Eventually, you will see a shortcut on the desktop. It is also when you can play Staxel game!
Download Staxel v1.4.28 For Free
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